Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gravee train

The new search site Gravee is offering 70% of ad revenue to the content providers (read: websites) that show up in a search. That means that if someone clicks on an ad after searching, 70% of the revenue is split up amongst the 10 websites that appear in the search.

They also offer 35% of all revenue that arises from a search that originates on your page (by placing a gravee search window on your site). So I guess that's 105% of revenue they're offering up... pretty generous. You have to "claim" a site in order to begin receiving revenue, so I guess they're banking on the vast majority of that 70% never getting collected.

This is interesting in that it's alternative method of distributing the wealth that's flowing out of the hottest revenue source on the web: searches. I signed up for my site I'll report back if anything interesting happens...


Blogger clarkityclark said...

how do they compute the revenue? wha???

3:22 PM  
Blogger Adam Elend said...

The only interesting thing that happened was that two of the three sites I claimed didn't work! I have, and I tried to claim them all, but only went through. I then received two emails from the founder of Gravee, saying that he noticed that I tried to claim a site unsuccessfully, and wondering if I needed any help with anything. I haven't had time to pursue it - as I'm sure most would be Gravee users don't.

As for how they compute - I'm sure it's very similar to how Google compute's its adwords. You are registering your site, and everytime it pops up and someone clicks an ad, they credit your gravee account. As for the 105%, either they're crazy or they're counting on only a fraction of sites registering with them, or they don't give away the 70% in a situation where someone is searching Gravee from your site (that's the scenario that would yield you the 35%) Any way you cut it, it's annoyingly convoluted.

6:08 PM  

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