Sunday, December 04, 2005


Hello, there.

This is my first personal blog. I've taken a crack at blogging for some political or organizational purpose, but never before have I set out to publish what I think and what I experience for semi-public consumption. There is a bit of anonymity in being a) among millions (at least I imagine there are millions) who have entered the blogosphere and, b) a rather insignificant molecule in our cultural universe. Since neither of these facts are likely to change in my lifetime, I imagine that I can rest comfortably here at Queensbound Seven and record my thoughts for myself, or for posterity, or for no reason at all.

But I did not intend my first post to be a rumination on my relative insignificance. Nor did I intend to use the word rumination in my first post, or any post for that matter. I suppose that I am writing in a rather affected voice because I am sweating under the glare of public scrutiny. Which is, of course, in direct contradiction to my statements in the previous paragraph about the comfort I find in the obscurity of my blog. I will not attempt to explain the contradiction, only to point it out.

My blog is called Queensbound Seven because you will find me six stops on the Seven train from Manhattan, in Sunnyside/Queens. I live here with my beatiful and talented wife Ciara and my beautiful and untalented dog Chomsky (named for Noam, and sort of resembling him).

Oh, I just tried to link the word Noam to Noam Chomsky's bio, but found I couldn't. I have to do some research, see if I can figure out how to imbed links as a courtesy to my readers.

Anyway, you'll find I don't much like talking about myself, so my blog will probably gravitate towards facts, events, and what's going on with the people around me. We shall see, though, perhaps this forum will give me the freedom to more fully explore my internal self. For your sake, I hope not. Rather dull reading, I'm afraid.

But for the sake of a bit of background... I am a television/ documentary producer based in the NY market. I have a documentary called Fighting For Life in the Death-Belt, which I completed this year with my longtime producing partner Jeff Marks. It's at, it follows legendary anti-death penalty attorney Stephen Bright through the final days and hours as he tries to prevent the execution of two clients. Stephen Bright's organization, the SCHR is at

Jeff and I are in the process of developing a new production company... Bright Red Pictures, to specialize in broadband and mobile video production. That's really the reason for my newfound interest in evovling web technologies... and this blog. There is so much that is happening out there right now, in terms of entertainment distributed via the web and portable devices. Businessweek has called it the "next internet gold-mine." The technology is to the point now where networks are creating broadband channels at a rapid pace - comedy central's Motherload, MTV's overdrive... etc, and AOL is investing in internet distributed reality shows like The Biz ( and TheStartUp2!. Popular shows like 24 and LOST are investing in mobile distribution with the new Video Ipod and rss technology. The point is that enterainment companys have determined that the time is now to move forward with mobile and broadband based distributionm, and that there is an opportunity now to get in on the ground floor and start producing original content for these mediums - content that that takes advantage of the portability of mobile technology, the interactivity of broadband, and the short form presentation style of both these media. Programming that is optimized for multi-platform distribution.

Anyway, I'm sure there will be plenty on this as our project evolves.
All for now. Enjoy.


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