Friday, May 12, 2006

The Chris Fabricant Show

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Starting this week, Jeff and I are soft launching The Chris Fabricant Show - a weekly podcast featuring Chris Fabricant, criminal defense attorney and author of Busted: the Drug War Survival Guide.

The show is "an hour of sanity in the sea of disinformation about the criminal justice system." What initially attracted us to Chris's work is that he breaks down legal issues in a way that's entertaining and accessable to ordinary people. The law has a HUGE impact on our everyday lives, but we leave it to lawyers to understand the legal system - depriving ourselves of the power that comes with knowledge.

We're hoping that the commonsense approach Chris used in his book translates to the podcast format.

We're producing the show through BrightRED, and are beginning to ask people for their feedback as we develop the show.

While we're still in alpha, you can subscribe through this xml file:

If you listen to podcasts on iTunes, select "advanced" from the top menu, and choos "subscribe to podcast", then paste the xml file printed above into the box.

To learn more about Chris and his fantastic book, go here.


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