Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fresh take on the Boom

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Jeff Jarvis has a fresh take on the Rocketboom saga (yes it is possible to have a fresh take on a tired story).

It's in a guest post from a vet TV producer. Here's a taste:

Here’s what I do know — based on a lovely lunch that Amanda, Andrew, Jeff and I shared last December: Andrew had the idea for Rocketboom. He placed an ad on Craig’s List for an actress. Amanda (among others) answered. He hired Amanda.

Note to Andrew: have you ever DATED an actress? My god… at any point, did you ever think that you were going to get someone who wasn’t totally self-absorbed? That’s what they DO! That’s why we pay them the big money!!! But we don’t tell them they have some control over our business!

And Rocketboom 2.0 is definitely worth checking out. My take - this is an excellent opportunity to see if a little more television vet polish ruins Rocketboom's authenticity or takes it to the next level. From the perspective of a web content producer, that's what I'll be watching with interest.


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