Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Already missed a day

So much for me doing this every day... that was never going to happen, and at least I haven't set any precedents. The past few days have been occupied by rodents. Rodents here - we've seen a couple scampering through the Sunnyside apartment in the last few days, a consequence of the weather getting colder, a big fat roof rat in the house we rent out in Tampa, FL , rats, rats, rats.

And it turns out, little did I know, that my wife is totally phobic of rats. SInce she saw one in our kitchen on Saturday, she has barely been able to go near the kitchen. I don't blame her, they're gross, but not THAT gross. I mean it's just an animal. They're dirty, so you scour every inch of the place after you see one and set down traps, but it's not the end of the world. Her reaction has been irrational - which is why I'm saying she's phobic. Ciara doesn't tend to be irrational about things on a regular basis. Her reaction has no basis in reality, and let me tell you, RATS is a great phobia to have living in NYC...

In other news, I finally bought a video ipod yesterday. I bought it for the multi-platform production concept that Jeff and I are developing (you have to understand the media to make the media, right, right??) Let me tell you, these things are awesome. Incedible. Much smaller than my old ipod, sleek, easy to use, play great video, and not difficult to watch. For a first version, it's awesome. This is definitely where my industry is headed. Not directly onto that teenie weenie screen, but into some evolution of that idea, the idea of mobile phone video, and the possibilities of broadband entertainment. Unbelievable. More on this topic as we develop our idea, but for now, these things are fantastic. I put the trailer to my film up in ipod format, so if you have one, go here and click "watch the trailer".

OK, that's all for now. I seem to write one long missive, rather than a bunch of posts with quick thoughts. I'll have to work on that in my new blogger voice. Hey, don't bitch... you should expect a lot of self reflexive babble on a blog subtitled "Musings on the Insignifigant life and times of Adam Elend."


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