Saturday, February 11, 2006

Been out of bounds

If anybody but me reads this thing, you'll have noticed that I've been MIA for the past few days. Wednesday night I got struck either by a bad case of food poisoning or a vicious 24 hour flu. In any case, I ended up in the hospital, hyperventilating and dehydrated, and stayed flat on my back on Thursday and Friday as well.

My partner, Jeff, got hit on Thursday morning (that's why I thought it was food poisoning, we ate the same thing on Wednesday) and didn't recover until this morning. Then last night, my wife Ciara ended up throwing up through the night and spent all of today feverish and sick, flat on HER back (which is why I'm beginning to think it's the flu).

In any case, things are beginning to settle down again, and I am back to posting and trying to catch up on the world that passed me by while I was away... Now Libby is saying that the VP told him to leak it??? Oh, the humanity!


Blogger Trent said...

Jeez, sounds like quite the ordeal. Hope everyone is feeling better. And as far as blog readership goes, I know I missed ya. Welcome back.

5:14 AM  
Blogger Adam Elend said...

A big shout out to my favorite international reader.

Trent rocks.

12:07 AM  

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