Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Blogging Times » Two cops filed for criticizing superiors via blog

Found this on the Blogging Times

Two cops filed for criticizing superiors via blog:

Two Newark, New Jersey, police officers have been fired for anonymously criticizing their superiors on a popular local Internet blog. The officers, Darious Smith and Yessenia Montalvo, were told to turn in their badges after posting the comments on Newark Speaks, a widely read by local public employees.

A lawyer hired by the police union says the actions against them violate their constitutional right to free speech. “I don’t believe that public employees lose their First Amendment rights as citizens, particularly when the speech pertains to matters of public concern,” attorney Rubin Sinins said.

Unfortunately, this term the Supreme Court ruled that gov't employees don't have the right to criticize their bosses when they OK'd the firing of a Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney after he criticized their use of a faulty search warrant in a prosecution.

Yeah, if your employee is so disgusted with your unfair treatment of a defendant that he stands up to you - just fire him. It's cool with the S.C.


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