Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Confessions of a bandwidth junkie

My friend and partner Howard calls Adobe and Akamai the big winners in the Gootube deal.

He's smart. He's thinking about the oil companies when everyone else is thinking about the automakers. Adobe makes flash, which makes YouTube work. Akamai is the big cheese content management company - they serve up all that rich media we love to watch.

His post made me think... Enron had it right. Way back in the bubble days, they took their trading business and applied it to bandwidth. The concept is pretty simple - if you're not using your bandwidth, and I need it, I can use yours. Enron provides the forum for the deal and the vehicle for the exchange of bandwidth.

I wonder what that company is doing now? If it's still around, it's definitely not owned by the big E. Nothing is.

The concept makes sense - particularly because almost everything revolutionary coming out of the web space right now requires a lot of bandwidth.


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