Monday, October 02, 2006

Linear vs. Non-linear follow up

I've had a few private emails from people trying to figure out what exactly I mean by a non-linear web video experience.

Here's a nice example:

Korsakow is a software that allows you to make non-linear narrative films online. The finished product is interactive - you set boundaries for the content based on your interests and preferences as you watch, and the program builds on your feedback to generate a film tailored to you from a database of clips. If the film strays from your interest, you can correct it.

Pretty cool.


Blogger Howard Lindzon said...

that is cool - steal it :)

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Gregor Clark said...

Question most people *want* to "explore" narratives? Hypertext novels never really took off, did they! It's like the whole lean forward-lean back paradigm of entertainment - do audience members actually want to be in control of narrative? We're willing and able to construct our own narratives around newspapers (I'm going to the sports section first, for example), and websites are like that too. But narrative might be different. I think user-driven narrative construction may not be as fruitful as new ways of presenting stories that reflect the opportunities of an interactive space but don't necessarily make the viewer tell the story.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Adam Elend said...

Great points, Gregor, and yes, that's the big question.

My thoughts are:

1) I think this application works better for pieces that are both entertainment and information - like documentaries.

2) The beauty of this program is that it's not user selected narrative, it's user guided narrative. As you watch, you set parameters and channel the story to your areas of interest. But the algorithm writes the narrative.

12:25 PM  

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