Thursday, January 12, 2006

Following up on my last post:

Check out the Samsung show that they talk about in the article. I like it. It's highly interactive, and the first stab at what I think is an important hurdle for us to overcome in the collective content arena: the ability to make online editing a fast, convenient and user friendly experience, like tagging. The content is cool too, and looks good on the small screen. It's easy to share the videos you create, for a nice viral element, and the interactivity serves a purpose - you're trying to solve the mystery by editing your films together. It may be a bit too complicated, but not as complicated as I imagined from the description in the article.

My only beef is, could they be distributing this more effectively? The downloadable pro shorts won't play on a Video iPod, and it seems like this project is off on an island by itself. I would like to see the pro shorts distributed in unexpected places - maybe on entertainment sites or social sites, all pushing the viewer back to the interactive game.

A really interesting and well done project, though...


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