Sunday, January 15, 2006

Playing with Google Video

This is the original BBC story by Greg Palast that brought up serious issues about the U.S. voting system in the aftermath of the 2K election.

I downloaded this free for my iPod on Google Video, and I'm putting it here to experiment with their new "put on site!" feature (and to put some good content on my blog - content is king, after all.

In my brief experience with Google Video, I've come to the following preliminary conclusions:

1. Google DRM SUCKS!!!!! Anything that costs money or is protected I CAN'T WATCH on my Mac. Lame, Lame Lame. I know we're only a small portion of computer users, but with no evidence to back me up, I believe that we're a larger percentage of the early adopter market, and we're definitely a large portion of the entertainment industry. Pretty much everyone I know in the entertainment industry is mac only. Entertainment - you've got to involve us mac users.

2. Google Video - it's not your daddy's search engine... I would have expected Google's video to be search first, but Video Search does not have the great sorting power, the natural intuitiveness of Google Search.

3. Interface - not pretty, not user friendly. The features are comprehensive (see below), but they don't pop out at you. You have to really search to find them.

4. Features - WOWW - If you can get past 1,2, and 3 there are some really great features to Google Video. The videos load incredibly quickly, it's easy to download the free ones for your desktop, iPod, or PSP, you can view them different sizes, including BIG, which most of the non-early adopters are going to need in order to accept video online. It's the first service I've used where I don't feel like I'm downloading, buffering and waiting. I just feel like I'm clicking and watching. Similarly, you can very easily narrow your search to just free, just pay/ short, medium, long.


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