Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Don't Drink your own Kool-aid

Chartreuse riffed earlier today on advertising- that if he were to start a shoe line, it would be all blogging and virals and web 2.0, and he "woudn't buy one ad."

That's right, he would rely on the influence of the blogosphere to spread his shoes to the masses, employing the same strategy that propelled Howard Dean to the Whitehouse in 2004.

In 2004 political news was dominated by bloggers.

The blogosphere wrote the story, read the story, became the story.

But the blogosphere was wrong. The blogosphere wasn't the story. It wasn't the voice of the silent majority. It was just the blogosphere.

And it still is. No matter how much potential we see in the new media and web 2.0 technologies, we should learn from the past.

We're good at finding great ideas, but what we like is not the future of media.

It's what the other 95% of the public likes that takes "great idea, but how does it make money" to Google.

We can't control that, we're not representative of that, and we're not in a particularly good position to predict it.

But we are in a position to blog about it.


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