Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Waiting to be delicious

6 months ago I registered for a delicious account.

1 week ago I finally figured out that the site, which is usually described as an online bookmarking environment (why the hell would I want my bookmarks online??) is actually a personal database of sites and information online - taggable and customizable. Ah! Much more useful.

I'm always discovering things on the web that I want to save, but don't need to bookmark. So I do one of three things: 1) I start a topic folder in my bookmark viewer, and add the site as a bookmark - NOT elegant or searchable 2) I add the site to a lame sticky note on my desktop (kind of like my book list) - NOT elegant, searchable only with "find", or 3) I forget about it. gives me a way to store up that information that is both elegant and searchable. And with the firefox pack, I can tag and visit my database as easily as I can hit the back button. This is critical, because I won't use a feature like this if it isn't easy. I can also see sites that other people tagged with the same keywords I did, so it's thoroughly social and interactive.

So, for a week, I've been busily building my database. But even though I have had a very busy research week, I have not once found myself in a situation where I could actually use my database. Not once - googling is just easier.

So I get it, I'm using it, and the jury's still out for me.


Blogger Jeff Marks said...

YOu couldn't be MORe right about delicious!!! Your blog is fantastic! I am a content producer and I learn more and more useful information each day! Keep it up? By the way are you single?

10:37 AM  

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