Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Podcast pricing

The very successful (4 million downloads) Ricky Gervais Podcast is taking a big step after completing their first 12 episodes. They're going to start charging for their show, and they're moving from iTunes to Audible.com (presumably because iTunes won't allow them to charge).

They'll be charging $1.95 per episode, or $6.95 for the season. Way too pricey - the show is great, but that's ridiculous. My partner Jeff and I were discussing this turn of events today, and speculated that we might pay $1.99 for the season. I might even pay $0.99 per episode, but not $1.99 per ep. I agree with Smays - I'll probably just move on.

I also think the move to audible is going to hurt. While audible users are used to paying for their content, my guess is that their demos and reach are no where near as ideal for Gervais's show. A pity, really.


Blogger Trent said...

You know, that is a real shame. I've been listening to that podcast since it started. It was pretty damn funny for the first few weeks, but the Karl Pilkington stuff has gotten stale. Now I just listen out of nostalgia for The Office. Paying for it though? They've lost their minds. It was a perfect opportunity to keep themselves in the public mind between TV work. Keeping their brand fresh, so to speak. It's not worthy content in and of itself. Tell a joke, sing a song or something. People aren't going to pay for mediocrity as you rest on your laurels.

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