Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's Your Birthday

Today is my birthday. I'm 29 and I'm celebrating by writing a one-sheet to try and convince a company to sponsor a video podcast series, editing an episode of the podcast series we're working on for the PBS Series Design:E2 and trying to figure out a web presence strategy for a film that's premiering at Tribeca at the end of the month. Party time...

Seriously though, the past year has been an incredible learning process for me. Until the evolution of the recent Web 2.0 technology, I never had a grasp on the internet as a living technology. I understood the power of the tools in front of me, but I never felt like I could see for myself the potential for the evolution of those technologies without someone spelling it out for me.

I have spent the past year really experimenting with the medium and trying to make it my own. That, and the fact that broadband adoption that has facilitated the blending of my own traditional medium (film and video) with web tools, has allowed me to add my voice to the evolving internet society in a meaningful way.

I have never kept a journal or diary... I'm good at keeping notes and bad at organizing them, so this blog has enabled me to do something I never have been able to do before: record the evolution of my thought process overtime. That's just one example of how embracing this technology has made my life better.

PHOTO: Price Check on Skillman 2/24/06


Blogger Trent said...

Happy birthday man!

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