Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flickr OUT

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My experiment in photoblogging is coming along nicely. I really think it adds some value to my posts to include an interesting photo, and it gives me the impetus I need to keep snapping.

But I've decided to forego flickr for this month. While it's very easy to upload photos, I found that the blogging tools did not blend seamlessly into my posting behaviors, and the free membership did not give me enough space to make it worth my while.

As a blogger blogger, I make use of the handy Firefox "Blog This" tool, which allows me to highlight text on any page I view, hit one button, and pop up a posting tool, with the highlighted text in quotes and the hyperlink already set to reference the page. Alternatively, I have bookmarked a page that, with one click, will bring up my main posting page, with all the photo upload, bolding, and hyperlinking tools ready to go.

If I integrate flickr embedded photos, all those tools basically become useless. If I post using my main posting tool. I have to write the post, copy the text onto the clipboard, delete the posting, log into flickr, click "your photos", select a photo, click "blog this", select my blog, paste the text from the clipboard, rewrite the title, and click "submit". And for every other posting, I have to then edit the published post, to change the alignment from left to right, or visa versa.

Wayyyy too much work. Instead, I'm going to try posting my photos through blogger. I anticipate a much more seamless blogging workflow (although I'll still have to save "blog this" postings as drafts - the photo tool is not included on the"blog this" tool bar), but I also anticipate that my uploading process will be substantially more time consuming and infuriating.

We shall see.

PHOTO: First Bloom on 47th Ave. 2/31/06


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