Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Love it When Someone Gets It

Today was a good day.

My partner Jeff showed me a new video podcast for Jack Black's latest effort, Nacho Libre.

Side note here - what a crappy, ethno-clueless piece of garbage this film looks like...

Anyway, what made me smile is that they are doing a video podcast of original content that supports the film, AND that they are distributing it in a way takes their audience into account.

The pods or "confessionals" depict Jack Black wandering around set, stirring up trouble, speaking directly to the camera. Behind the scenes stuff. They have a low-fi aesthetic, but they are definitely produced.

You can find them on iTunes, or (and this is what I love) you can watch them on the website and add them to your mySpace page with one click. I haven't checked, but I'm sure they're up on YouTube too.

The producers are telling us that their audience is on mySpace. They're focusing the distribution on web elements and communities that matter to their audience. They're also giving ownership of the content to their audience. Put it on your website and let others discover it.

SO, we've got original content that supports content from other media, we've got distribution that takes into account the audience and makes it easy for them to use it the way they want to, AND we've got the idea of strategic micro-chunking- putting the content in places where the right audience is likely to discover it "along the way" as they traverse the web.

Definitely made me smile, considering my company is currently producing a campaign like this for a new PBS series, and we're meeting with film producers, trying to convince them that this is the right way to grow their relationship with their audience. Thanks for the solid example, Jack.


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