Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We need more wifi

Pizza on 47th Ave.
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Uggh, I have been traveling around a lot in the past week and have totally neglected my blog.

I spent last weekend in Miami with my film, and this past weekend in Tampa watching my very talented sister perform as Belle in a stage musical production of Beauty and the Beast.

I'll share with you one traveling story...

I departed for home from Tampa International Airport at 9:35am on Sunday. TIA is a really nice airport, consistently ranked in the top 5 for the U.S., so I wasn't surprised when I got to the security checkpoint and found it organized and efficient, with stanchions and TSA employees on hand to direct the passengers.

I noted that they even had 40 inch flat screens set up on poles throughout the cue, playing a flash animation on a loop that takes you step-by-step through the whole process - from laptop removal to shoelace re-tying. "How 'cutting edge'," I thought.

The animation was replaced by a bright blue screen, and the seal Department of Homeland Security immerged from it. A set of graphics appeared next to the seal, and my eyes widened as I read:

Protecting America,
Preserving our fredoms,
We secure the Homeland.

I mean, wow. I wanted to snap a picture, but I was afraid to.

NOTE: If you are at all distrubed by the display of this political propoganda slogan on giant televisions just before they slap on the latex gloves and start probing your Fourth Amendment rights, PLEASE set you mind at ease... they immediately repeated the entire flash animation and the slogans in Spanish.


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