Thursday, March 30, 2006

Set up shop where the traffic is...

I was meeting with a film producer about doing some video podcasts for his new movie. I was speaking to him about developing a web presence, and the first thing he did was show me his website.

I think part of the challenge for Jeff and I, as we meet with people who are less familiar with the new ways that people are consuming content online, is getting them to understand that your web presence is not where you "live" on the web, but where your audience runs into you on the web, and how your fans can share you and decorate their home with you.

If I make a movie, I'm going to spend 30% of my P&A budget online. If I sink that money into my site, I'm basically sticking a post in the ground and hoping the traffic will come to me. Then I spend the rest of my money advertising in places where there's already traffic.

Instead, I should be creating innovative content, and syndicating it where the traffic already flows. I should be partnering with sites that are in the business of generating traffic, providing them with good, exclusive content in exchange for access to their audience.

What we're doing is essentially advertising for a film in a way that adds value for the user (their not just watching commercials, they're getting entertained while they learn about my movie) and adds value for the website hosting my content. All that add's up (sorry) to a fan base that's more invested in my film.

Any questions, see Nacho Libre, who's video podcasts of Jack Black goofing off are number one on iTunes. And if you go to their site (one click from iTunes, where the traffic already is and the content is being provided), you can add the episode to your mySpace page - also in one click.


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