Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's official, the first true broadband network has been launched.

It's not Brightcove. It's not iTunes. It's not Google Video or MTV or YouTube.

It's Adsense.

That's right. The most successful monetization vehicle in the history of the internet is now a video network.

The ads will be click to play, essentially imbedded google video players served up contextually, behaviorally, etc, just like other google ads.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not excited about video ads, I'm excited about video content distribution. I see adsense as the ideal form of "along the way" distribution, where you leverage web traffic centers to place your content strategically in places where the target audience is likely to see it and enjoy it.

Forget the ads, content producers need to start distributing via adsense. The cost of distribution is simply the cost of advertising on adsense. You build it into the cost of production, and pass it along to those that advertise in your content. Eventually, if your content is valuable enough, the monetization could be reversed, with websites paying to have your content placed on their site.

No one's going to click on a 30 second video ad that tells them to buy a Honda. But they will click on video that adds value to their viewing experience - a music video that drives customers to iTunes, a 3 minute home design reality show sponsored by, or (to use the example that Google cites in the press release):
Now, an owner of a small bed & breakfast in Lake Tahoe can put a video tour of his beautiful chalet right next to an article that talks about skiing the epic slopes of Squaw Valley.

As a brand or media property owner, you have an opportunity to get your brand in front of a targeted audience on a site that THEY choose to go to. Why would you waste that opportunity on blatant and embarrassing pleas for them to buy your crap?

Instead, use your opportunity to give them something - entertainment, information, etc. Advertising dies.

That's what happens when the most powerful ad server on the net becomes a content server.


Blogger medvegonok said...

I like this idea. Some internet sites resemble more and more TV programs and not newspapers and magazines as before. So, google just helps them to move in this direction.

Michael Hosting

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