Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Chris Fabricant goes home

A couple of changes to announce from the Chris Fabricant Show, a great podcast that Jeff and I produce with Chris.

The show finally has a home to go along with our feed and iTunes presence.

A we've changed the format - instead of doing one 35 minute show a week, we're doing three 12-15 minute shows per week. Much more podcast friendly.

Check it out - and if you have a comment or want to bitch about the new format, email us.

Here's the skinny on the show:

The Chris Fabricant Show is devoted to the low down dirty truth of the criminal justice system -- outrageous, irreverent and fearless counter spin to mainstream media's grandstanding about crime and punishment.

Not just the headlines, The Chris Fabricant Show takes you inside the insane day-to-day of NYC criminal courts, straight from the trenches of the South Bronx, where Chris works as a public defender. We also feature weekly interviews with criminal justice insiders and commentators: cops and robbers, writers and reporters, junkies and district attorneys.

Chris, a graduate of GW Law, is the author of the notorious book, Busted! Drug War Survival Skills (illustrated by R. Crumb). Each week Chris is joined by producers Jeff Marks and Adam Elend. And Tonya Lester, our news correspondent, brings us the week's bad news -- from Duke Lacrosse to dumb ass kids doing bong hits on MySpace.com.

If you dig Nancy Grace, you'll loathe Chris Fabricant.


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