Saturday, July 29, 2006

While I'm at it...

Here's the opening salvo of the RSS proposal I referred to in my last post:

Why Syndicate?

In the traditional media universe, your reach was limited by space: access to distribution channels (television stations, newspapers, etc) is finite and expensive. In the web media universe, the access barriers no longer exist. Yet they have been replaced by an even more daunting foe: noise. Forget 200 channels on your television set, think about the millions of sites, blogs, articles, interest groups, forums – all competing for your user’s attention.

To thrive in the marketplace of noise, your content needs to be portable. You need a presence not just on your site, but everywhere your target audience is spending time on the web. You need to create monetization opportunities that aren’t dependent on users visiting your site.

Syndication makes that possible. It unlocks your content and allow your users to consume, organize and share it any way they want. It brings your content to the user where they already are. It provides your advertisers with a better way to reach your most loyal users.

With syndication, you build an instant web presence. Without it, your content is a static object in a dynamic space.


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