Monday, October 16, 2006

Why Wallstrip is different

We launched our daily video blog Wallstrip today. Jeff and I have been working pretty much non-stop for the past month to get it off the ground.

Howard Lindzon is the executive producer (with a guest appearance on the first show). Wallstrip is his brainchild, and he is a creative force who's not afraid to try something new.

Lindsay Campbell
is our beautiful, smart and talented host (she already has hundreds of stock brokers pining for her.

Every day, we take a company whose stock is at or near an alltime high, and we figure out why - not in the stock world, but in the real world. The show is 1-3 minute riff on that pop culture catalyst. No charts, no graphs, (ok, one chart, but it's real quick) just fun and unique takes on some of the most innovative companies in the world.

After the show, professional stock bloggers debate the merits of the company's stock from a financial perspective. They each bring their own investment strategies to the conversation and you get a robust and interactive discussio of the stock.

Wallstrip is different because we are pioneering a distribution strategy that I have been talking about on this blog since I started it. "Along the Way" distribution. The key to our strategy is the widget you see in the upper right hand corner of my site.

That is essentially a tv sitting on my blog, which allows my readers to watch the new wallstrip full size every day, without ever leaving queensboundseven. Our stock bloggers are each putting this widget up on their sites, and the code is available at, so anyone who wants wallstrip can have it on their site or blog.

Right now, it's ancillary distribution, but I anticipate this will be the most effective way to distribute video content in the long run. Why wouldn't brokers who like our show want to watch it on their Yahoo Financial page, which they keep up on their screen all day long?

Why are we trying to grab attention, which is the only ingredient that is scarce on the web, by sticking a flag pole in the ground and telling people to come to us?

Instead we should be telling them to distribute us - and not just by sending an email. We should be exchanging our great content for access to their audience.

We're doing a lot of things on Wallstrip. We're trying to bring comedy to the stock market, to give the financial audience a real web 2.0 product, to take the great and successful model of videoblogs like Rocketboom and expand that genre.

It's a very important project for me personally, in terms of trying out the things I blog about every day (well, ok, not every day recently...).

But of all those things, the one I'm most excited and optimistic about is the little box you see in my sidebar.


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great stuff guys - thx

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