Friday, January 05, 2007

Primetime Podcast

You know that podcasting has hit the mainstream when they become a critical plot device in a warmed over primetime drama plot.

Ciara and I were clicking through the channels on the old media magic video box yesterday and came across a new episode of the hit CBS show Numbers. Turns out that the evil child rapist polygamist terrorist communicated with his mindless flock through - you guessed it: podcasts.

"What's that"

"He records the audio on his computer and uploads it to a podcast website with a unique identifyer - the name."

"So terrorists everywhere are podcasting?"

"Yes, terrorists and Dane Cook."

The show was so boring I made that last part up. Then we shut off Numbers and watched the new episode of The Office, which had downloaded automatically to my iTunes.

We watched it full screen on my 17 inch MacBook Pro, and I have to say - really hard to tell a difference between the iTunes file and the boob tube image quality wise. They didn't mention podcasting on The Office, but that's OK, because they didn't have any child rapists on this episode.

We're to the point now where we do about half our television watching on the computer. The shows we like to watch oon CBS and ABC are free, and so far we've been williing to pay for the few shows we really, really like on iTunes. I think this trend is likely to catch on soon - probably before the L.A. FBI office catches the evil podcaster.

Wait until they hear about RSS feeds.



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