Saturday, February 03, 2007

All the news that's fit to print

I admit, I have a long history of criticizing the New York Times.

After all, my dog's name is Chomsky.

In my political life, they were the establishment press - cheering us on to war in Iraq, adding credibility to the administration's fantasies of weapons of mass destruction...

Then in my web 2.0 life, they became "old media" - putting their best content behind a walled garden, two steps behind their online readers.

Well, yesterday I finally realized that I was all wrong about this NY institution. They really are the paper of record. They deserve our respect. For example, take a look at this fine piece of reporting.



Blogger Howard Lindzon said...

whore :)

In a good wayrachelmax

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Andy Swan said...

NYT is a rag, but even it has a good point now and then!

12:36 AM  

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