Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mobile video service in Europe

This article details a couple of British studies that seem to support the proposition that there is currently a market for cell phone television.

A trial in Oxford, conducted by O2, has found that nearly 80% of people would subscribe to a mobile TV service. A similar trial from BT has shown that people would pay up to £8 a month for such a service.

More interesting to me, they found that a surprisingly high percentage of users watched their cell phone in their homes.

According to their results, 36% of people used the service mainly at home, compared to 23% at work or university and 28% while on the move.

I find that this is true with my video iPod as well - I find myself watching at home, where I could be watching television. So what determines whether you watch tv or whether you watch your mobile device? The content? Location in the home? Mood or mindframe?


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