Friday, August 11, 2006

"Where on Earth have you been?" and other important questions

I've been very light on the posting this week because I've been busy as hell, and I haven't had a ton to talk about. Here's what I've been working on:

"Psychic" and "reality" in the same sentence: I'm in pre-production for a 5 minute web reality show that we're producing for Psychic Makeover is like a home design show, but instead of painting the walls or selling your couch, our psychic fixes your home's psychic energy. We're shooting the pilot next week.

New media is fun, but old media pays so damned good! Jeff and I are developing a reality show that has a lot of great ingredients. We met with the subject of the show last week and secured access - now we're meeting with production companies and trying to work out a development deal to move forward. The response has been really good, and I think this project has legs... unlike our most recent old media project - a reality show w/ Burt Reynolds that tanked.

Sundancing: We're working with our frequent client and partner Kontent|Real on a pitch for the Sundance Channel. KR has been asked to pitch a really cool show about green design, and they've asked us to develop an agressive web presence campaign to integrate into their presentation. We're doing a viral video, some web mock ups and some social networking stuff for the pitch. If the show gets picked up, it'll mean a really nice campaign for us.

Mine's cooler than yours: My partner Jeff just up and bought a MacBook Pro this week, and I developed a severe case of gadget envy. So I responded the only way I know how - by buying a kick ass phone.

I bought a Treo 700p and switched from my Nextel service to Sprint. I LOVE the phone. Email functionality is something I sorely needed for my work (the real reason I bought the phone), and the mobile tv features are just amazing. Having it for just one day has made my workflow so much more satisfying - bluetooth synching is da' bomb. I just like using the thing.

And it's so small, even compared to the 600, that I barely notice any difference from my old phone. So text me, email me, or call me - I'll be communicating on my new portable device from now on...


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