Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My mail in a feed

ooooh, this is a good idea:

Social Mail

It's a service that turns an email address into a feed. Simple and smart.

I signed up and created a new address, then promptly routed all my email newsletters to that address. Now I get no newsletters in my inbox, but I have a feed to keep track of them.

I created another address just for entertainment/BrightRED bulletins (my CNET newstracker, my entertainment news updates, the google flags I have set up, etc) - now I get one feed where I can keep track of all my personalized business news. And I can share this feed with my partner, and my customized news becomes my company's customized news... you know, syndication!

If I have a group project, I can create an address for that project, and my team can send all project related emails to one address, and everyone on the team can read them. If someone joins the team half way through, I give them the feed and they have instant archive access to every email that's been sent to the group.

There. I just gave you three great reasons why I love this service. And, of course, more reasons why I love RSS in general.


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