Saturday, August 26, 2006

Everything I know about web 2.0 I learned at the strip club

I have a good friend who's an adult club owner.

A really smart adult club owner.

He runs the most successful club in the Southeast. It's been world famous for about 30 years.

He's been called the father of the lap dance.

He does it all in a 2500 sq ft. building in Tampa, FL.

Why is he so successful? - because he knows when to do something and when not to do something.

What he does is create an atmosphere.

He brings in the most beatiful women, and he makes sure they want to stay and work there. (if you read the rest of the post you'll find out how).

He makes sure the club is clean, friendly and comfortable - no smoking, no booze (which means no fights), security guards who are big but not mean.

He makes sure no laws are broken - no prostituion, no underage dancers, no drugs.

There are no back rooms, so no one has unrealistic expectations.

What he doesn't do is meddle.

He doesn't do the hiring and firing - he has all women managers to do that.

He doesn't make the dancers dress a certain way or even charge a set rate for their dances.

He doesn't schedule the dancers - they come whenever they want so they can work around their other obligations (80% of dancers are single mothers and many are in school).

The dancers aren't his employees, he's their landlord. They rent space to ply their trade (the rent is one cent a year.)

And he doesn't take a cut of the dancers' earnings or require them to pay a house fee.

His product is traffic - and it generates 2-3 million per year. 2500 square feet.

He's a pretty smart guy.

It seems that web retailers are finally beginning to understand the simple notion that their traffic is worth a lot.

Monetizing user experience. Monetizing traffic. Web 2.0 is sooooo 1976.

oops! I got through this whole post without giving you a sexy strip club pic. Here you go...


Blogger Amanda said...

Great post! Joe is doing it the right way, that's for sure.

9:18 AM  

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