Monday, February 05, 2007

Brrrrrrr... see for yourself

It's COLD here in NY.

It's one thing to know it's going to be below 10 degrees when you wake up, and it's quite another to hobble over to the gym at 5:45 AM trying to figure out if your eyeballs have frozen.

There is no replacement for experience. That's what we're banking on at BrightRED Pictures, committing fully to the web video space so early in the process.

Web video is fundamentally different than television, and right now there are no rules. We're all making them up as we're going and learning from... experience.

My wife is a graphic designer... just like I am a producer. But that doesn't tell the whole story for either of us.

Ciara is a print designer. She does book covers, logos, posters, brochures... that's a world away from a web designer. The work Ciara does is looked at. Information is derived from it passively. Designing for the web is more like product design or packaging design. It's about function as much as form. You have to handle a web site, work it to get what you want out of it - you have to USE it. And that limits the choices and changes the priorities for a graphic designer.

Same thing for a producer like me. Television is a wholey passive medium. In fact, that's why I like it. I can sit in front of the tube and be talked at for a while. Good web video is designed to be used, just like other web content. Whether it's being passed around, fed to you, viewed contextually with other content, referenced while working, viewed on a mobile phone, searched for, mashed up, etc, etc.

It's not as if web video doesn't share characteristics with television, just like print and web design share certain characteristics. But WV has fundamentally different priorities than TV, and that should mean fundamentally different content.



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