Monday, March 06, 2006

Developing the Model

Last week I posted a comment on AVC's blog about Lloyd Braun's announcement that Yahoo Media will be scaling back their original programming plans.

Here's what Fred said - what I was responding to:

Lloyd's challenge, and the challenge of anyone coming from the traditional content world, is to forget what they learned about original programming. That's not where its at on the Internet.

The challenge is all about how to take the work of the masses and assemble it into compelling content. The company that figures that out will do very well.

and here's part of my response:

I think there's a place for high quality produced video that's made FOR the web and mobile distribution. As David mentioned, Rocketboom is a great example of this. At this point, the show is working and attracting an audience. The format couldn't work on traditional broadcast outlets, but it works perfectly online and on your iPod. But I don't see a lot of other original programming out there that approaches both form and content from a truly web-centric perspective.

Well after writing that, I got an email from Noah Bonnet, asking me to check out his show 88 SLIDE.

88SLIDE show graphic

88SLIDE is a daily one minute info-challenge format (read: game show), distributed via the Internet at, and through iTunes as a video podcast. Cell phone users can also download the 3GP formatted series at

I did check it out, and I really liked it. I'm going to have to add it to Rocketboom on my short list of shows that take a smart approach to form and content that caters to the broadband and portable viewer. These shows have some important elements in common, from which a good model (not the model, a model) for online television properties begins to emerge.

More on that later - until then, check out 88SLIDE. It's a good show.


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