Thursday, June 22, 2006

Two Long Weeks

This is a photo taken by a nice quaker fellow who caught me doing man-on-the-street interviews for in Union Square. I'm concentrating really hard, or I'm tired, or confused, or pissed off, or just squinting because it's bright. Not sure - I've been all those things in the past few days!

OK, I've been two weeks without a posting. Too long. We've been absolutely slammed over at BrightRED since the beginning of the month, which is great, but hasn't left me much time for ruminating over the state of new media.

Although we haven't slowed down any, I'm resolved to get back into the groove with this post and integrate blogging into my full boar production work-flow.

Here's the feed for the video podcasts we created for the new pbs series "Design | e2". The series is about sustainable architecture, and we created a 3-5 minute video podcast for each episode, to take the viewer beyond what they saw on tv and deeper into the world of sustainable design. Here's the itunes link, if you watch podcasts that way.


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