Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mac Attack With Guns Blazing

My completely uneducated opinion has been that Apple's profitability and (eventually) their revenue will explode because of the new intel chip, and the bootcamp software that allows pc users to buy a cool mac and still run their windows software seamlessly.

It's all anecdotal evidence, but I've read the blogs of scores of dedicated pc users who hungrily snapped up a MacBook Pro as soon as they became available. Smays and A VC, just to name two who are on my blogroll.

Well, so far so good. This is from CNET

Apple Computer's third-quarter revenue fell a little short of expectations, but profitability was far higher than expected and Mac sales increased at a healthy clip.

Interesting to me in this is that Apple compensated for the downturn from stagnating iPod sales with computer sales.


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right on

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